Tumbled BLUE QUARTZ Bracelet


Listing is for One (1) Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone Bracelet.

Blue Quartz is a stone that combines organizational abilities, self-discipline and peace of Dumortierite with the amplifying energy of Quartz; this makes it an energetically high-powered form of Dumortierite. Blue Quartz is known for boosting communication skills between the Self and others as well as the higher mental and spiritual chakras with the lower physical chakras. This releases fear, addictions and stubborn willfulness, while enhancing courage, self-reliance, weight loss, creative expression and spiritual development. Blue Quartz promotes happiness and helps you to acknowledge the things that bring joy to your life. It enhances beauty, inside and out, and mystical experiences of all kinds. Blue Quartz deepens meditation by expanding your conscious awareness, bringing clarity to psychic visions and by connecting you with your spirit guides and ascended being. It works mainly with the throat and third eye chakras, offering aid to any issues regarding diplomacy. It's also a very peaceful and calming stone, bringing relaxing vibes to any situation. Blue Quartz can be used to cleanse the aura and clear away even the most stubborn energy blockages.

Chakra(s): Throat; Third Eye
Element(s): Air
Planet: Mercury
Energy: Clarity, Communication
Zodiac: Gemini

Blue Quartz is said to boost the immune system and encourage proper function if the lungs, throat, eyes and heart. It can help with detoxification, the blood and endocrine system.

SIZE: 8 approx.

*STOCK PHOTO - Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone Bracelets may vary in size, shape and color intensity*

Note: Crystal descriptions provided by Victoria's Affinity are NOT prescriptions or health information and should only be used as spiritual supports to healing.

*Choking Hazard; Please use caution when gifting to children!

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