Tumbled LABRADORITE Bracelet


Listing is for One (1) Labradorite Tumbled Stone Bracelet.

Labradorite can also be called,"The Stone of Magic" and "The Stone of Creative Exression."

The sheen on this stone is absolutely mesmerizing!! Labradorite is known to illuminate the path of one's spiritual destiny and for it's lovely vibration. Labradorite can also be very useful at aligning the physical body with the higher energies. Whoever holds or wears this stone is sure to experience a gentle boost of energy. Labradorite can help the user see through illusions; strengthen intuition; align and purify energy centers; develop enthusiasm; push beyond the realm of reality; awaken magic powers; enhance discernment; promote strength of will; see clearly during mediation. Labradorite can also fill one with a greater sense of self-worth; aid in triggering new ideas. This stone can stimulate strength, enlightenment, intuition, psychic wisdom, spiritual growth, spiritual healing, creativity, intellect and MAGIC.

If the holder experiences any insecurities about life, Labradorite may help to lift then and provide one with the strength to see the true worth of their purpose in life. This stone is also a very protective one; guarding the user from negativity.

CHAKRA(s): Third-Eye; Crown; Throat; Root; Heart
Element(s): Water
Planet: Uranus
Energy: Protection; Healing; Power; MAGIC

Protects Against Psychic Attacks and Psychic Vampirism; Protects Against Negative Attachments and Spirit Attachments; Deflects Unwanted Energies

Helps Metabolism, Boosts Energy, Purifies the Aura

SIZE: 8 approx.

*STOCK PHOTO - Labradorite Tumbled Stone Bracelets may vary in color pattern and intensity.*

Note: Crystal descriptions provided by Victoria's Affinity are NOT prescriptions or health information and should only be used as spiritual supports to healing.

*Choking Hazard; Please use caution when gifting to children!*

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