Chunky Tumbled CITRINE Stone



Listing is for One (1) XL Citrine Tumbled Stone.

Citrine is also known as "The Succes Stone" and "The Merchant's Stone."

Citrine is a stone that has a very joyous vibration that easily transmits outward and to those nearby, making it ideal for any setting. It's very well known is crystal work as a success stone and prosperity stone, as it promotes and manifest success and abundance in all areas. Particularly, Citrine is used to promote success in business if used in one's cash box, carried or worn. In addition to bringing forth abundance in one's life, Citrine also brings in an energy of generosity so that prosperity and success are shared. Citrine can also activate one's imagination and bring creative visions to a much clearer mind. This stone can enhance one's optimism, bringing a more positive look into both, the conscious and subconscious mind. Citrine can also be credited for opening one's mind to new ideas and discerning with ideas are most likely to meet success. Harvesting power of the sun, Citrine warms, cleanses and energizes. It's also a very protective stone that helps one to heighten self-discipline. It enhances mental clarity, confidence and will power. Citrine does not absorb any negative energy and therefore never needs energetic cleansing.

CHAKRA(s): Sacral; Solar Plexus; Crown
Element(s): Air
Planet: Jupiter
Energy: Protection; Grounding; Luck
Zodiac: Aries; Gemini; Leo; Libra

Breaks down and dispels negative energy; clears unwanted energies from one's environment; eliminates fears of being judged or of others' ideas; dissipates fear of being alone or unworthy of love; reduces self-destructive tendencies.

Citrine can support spinal healing, and healing for the digestive and elimination organs and boost metabolism. It can aid in detoxification and stimulate circulation. Citrine can also be helpful for chronic fatigue and has been reputed to increase energy and drive. For that reason, Citrine is a great tool for those who are trying to lose weight. Citrine also helps one to overcome depression, release anger and to learn effective ways of communicating. It can also help one to overcome nightmares and other sleep disturbances.

approx: 1.75" - 2"

*STOCK PHOTO - XL Tumbled Citrine Stones may vary in size, shape and color pattern; may also contain natural inclusions, pits and grooves.*

Note: Crystal descriptions provided by Victoria's Affinity are NOT prescriptions or health information and should only be used as spiritual supports to healing.

*Choking Hazard; Please use caution when gifting to children!*

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