6" WHITE SAGE Bundle w/ 7 Color Roses



Listing is for One (1) White Sage w/ Purple Situate and 7 Color Roses.

Smudging is the ancient ritual or ceremonial burning of medicinal and fragrant herb and resins of specific plants, for spiritual cleansing.  It's a wildly popular practice that has been honored and carried out over the world in cultures spanning for centuries, including non-indigenous cultures and the modern world.

The idea is that by burning these plans, herbs and resins, the spirit intelligence or energetic blueprint of the plant is released into the atmosphere, causing a medicinal smoke.  The smoke is then wafted to cleanse the energy of spaces, objects, individuals and/or groups.  The most commonly used herbs are Sage, Palo Santo, Copal and Sweetgrass.  They're used for healing, removing unwanted energetic and spiritual buildup, and to also instill blessings.

Fire Safety

Herbs/incense burns slowly, so it is easy to forget that it is still a live flame that must be treated with care and respect.  It is important to always be conscious of where your herbs/incense is and what it might come in contact with.

Always make sure that no part of burning herbs/incense comes in touch with wood or other flammable materials.  Never burn herbs/incense with anything directly above it, as the rising smoke can cause discolorations and possibly fire.  Herb/Incense burners themselves can also get very hot, so be careful not to place them on wooden surfaces or to touch metal burners after you have been burning herbs/incense in them.

Never leave burning herbs/incense unattended.  As with candles, don't leave the house while herbs/incense are still burning - if you need to put a piece of herbs/incense out, turn it upside down and bury the flame in sand or ash.  This will allow you to continue using the herbs/incense in the future.

In general, always keep in mind that when you are burning herbs/incense you are working with fire, which is both a beautiful gift and a potentially hazardous force that must be treated with care and respect.  Always be conscious of your herbs/incense, both as a wonderful scent and a smoldering flame.  And be sure to keep in mind what type of herbs/incense is appropriate for what type of burner and where these burners can be placed for maximum safety.  If used with a little bit of care and respect, herbs/incense are a very safe and a wonderful tool for daily use!

approx 6"

Bright Blessings and Happy Smudging!!

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The only place I get my sage and crystals from. Thank you so much sis!

As always, you are amazing Queen! Peace

So beautiful I almost didn’t want to light it, but when I did, OMG, so beautifully fragrant!

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