Mini GREEN AVENTURINE Pocket Angel Totem


Listing is for One (1) Green Aventurine Pocket Angel.

Green Aventurine is known as "The Stone of Personal Growth."

Green Aventurine is known to benefit one in all areas dealing with imagination, creativity, mental clarity and intellect. It's reputed to enhance prosperity and to bring career success, by enforcing leadership qualities and decisiveness. Energetically, this gentle stone gives one a sense of calm, balance and happiness and promotes compassion and empathy. When it comes to seeing alternatives and potentials in all situations, Green Aventurine is an excellent stone, as it encourages one to see the positive outlook. Green Aventurine also promotes feeling of well-being and balances male and female energy. With games of chance, Green Aventurine is a mystical stone of luck and prosperity. This stone is also said to attract friendship to ones life. Being a heart chakra stone, Green Aventurine is great for comforting, harmonizing and protecting one's heart. This stone can also be used to attract love later in one's life. It is a premiere stone to bring luck, abundance and success. The soothing energy of Green Aventurine is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. This stone also offers opportunities for learning about oneself and one's place in the universe.

CHAKRA(s): Heart
Element(s): Earth; Air
Planet: Mercury; Mars
Energy: Luck; Abundance; Creativity
Zodiac: Aries; Leo

Loosens and releases negative energy; release energy blockages; absorbs environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog

Green Aventurine is beneficial for blood, blood pressure, sinus problems, circulatory system, nausea, headaches, allergies, eczema, fever, sleep disorders and general health. Green Aventurine stimulates metabolism and helps with lowering cholesterol. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect and eases migraines and also eases the eyes.

approx: 25-30mm

*You will receive one of the Green Aventurine Angels pictured above; may contain natural inclusions, pits and grooves.*

Note: Crystal descriptions provided by Victoria's Affinity are NOT prescriptions or health information and should only be used as spiritual supports to healing.

*Choking Hazard; Please use caution when gifting to children!*

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