Jumbo RHODONITE Palm Stone Gallet


Listing is for One (1) Rhodonite Power Stone.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, grace and elegance. It stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra and opens one to unconditional love and increase service to mankind. Rhodonite also promotes inner growth and helps one to attract love and achieve self-love. This stone allows one to see areas in their life that can be improved on without criticizing or judging oneself. Rhodonite has been used to help one remember their soul-purpose of incarnation, and to facilitate living from one's heart. This stone also helps one to remember that the best rewards come from serving the highest good. Rhodonite can also ground energy and balance yin-yang energies while also aiding one to achieve their highest potential. It soothes and brings order to feeling that are scattered, imbalanced or un-grounded. Rhodonite rebuilds your emotional foundation in a way that allows all of your emotions to find their proper places in your emotional being. It can also help one to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past, meanwhile bringing strength and vitality to the body and spirit so one can support the higher vibrations needed for personal evolution.

Chakra(s): Heart
Element(s): Earth
Planet: Venus
Energy: Love; Clarity; Peace
Zodiac: Taurus

Protects against psychic attacks; repels negative energy.

Rhodonite can relieve insect bites and can reduce scarring. It aids in bone growth and can stimulate fertility. Rhodonite is a stone often used in crystal healing for healing traumas, abuse issues, stress and anxiety. It's also been said to help with emphysema, joint inflammation; ears and hearing, immune system, the pituitary gland, thyroid, light sensitivity, strep throat and heart disorders.

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Note: Crystal descriptions provided by Victoria's Affinity are NOT prescriptions or health information and should only be used as spiritual supports to healing.

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